Alberta’s Recreational Paddling Resource since 1976
Paddle Alberta Society promotes and supports safe, sustainable recreational canoeing and Kayaking in Alberta.

 Paddle Alberta is a provincial not-for-profit association with the mandate:

  • To support the many forms of recreational paddling

  • To serve the needs of recreational paddlers

  • To advocate for the sustainability of the paddling environment

  • To promote the teaching of safe and enjoyable paddling 

Available Paddle Alberta Memberships

Membership benefits may include access to subsidies and grants, networking opportunities with clubs, organizations & clients across the province, competitive liability insurance and participation in environmental and paddling access projects. Benefits vary depending on membership type. 

Our Funding Providers

Sport Physical Activity and Recreation Operating Grant

       Gaming Funds

Paddling Instructors

Canoe, SUP, Flatwater Kayak & Sea Kayak

Paddling Clubs

Based in Alberta

Not-For-Profit Groups

Camps, Scouts, Guides, Jr. Forest Wardens, Schools

Affiliate Groups

NFP groups that want to host a paddling event and need insurance

Commercial Paddling Organizations

Instructional, Guiding, Outfitters, Paddling Shops

Photo: Mark Lund, Milk River AB

Paddle Alberta Commercial Org Members